Saturday, August 4, 2018

Wednesday, August 1 - Construction Nearly Kills Us All

Not really.  But we did all work extremely hard Wednesday both tying rebar some more, and mixing concrete for footings.

This is the hard part.  The concrete is mixed by hand using shovels on the ground.  The formula is 3 wheelbarrows of sand, two of coarse gravel, and two 100-pound bags of Portland cement.  Mix twice.  Add 4 blue buckets of water.  Mix again, and distribute in buckets.  The bucket brigade delivered hundreds of loads of concrete to form the footings for the house.  Blocks are easier to move than buckets.  All the blocks are the same, and you expect it, and it becomes routine.  But the buckets are all filled to a different extent, and you never know what to expect. 
It never becomes routine, the handle is sharp, the bucket swings, and it can hit you.
But, we know it's worth it, so we do it with gusto.

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