Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Monday, July 30 - Construction Begins

The work site when we arrived Monday morning.  Ditches have been dug by the three masons and some footing material put in place.

The construction materials await our attention.
We need to move the footing material from one location to another.

Gordon Hack makes one of the first wheelbarrow deliveries of hundreds moving fill to a location nearer the construction site itself.  The fill material was left at a distance of about 300 feet due to wet conditions at the time the truck made the drop.

Mason #2 named Nelson.  He will help guide our work.

Pastor Tom pitches in with one of many trips made by wheelbarrow.
The cinder blocks for construction wait in the background.

Bob Clark shows particularly good form in making his delivery by wheelbarrow.

A truck delivers gravel for making concrete later in the construction plan.  Miguel, the head mason, directs them where to place the gravel.

Miguel, the head mason.

Two workers who arrived with the truck push the gravel over the side.  The truck is not a hydraulic dump truck like one might see in the States.  But, if offers the capability of unloading on three sides, not just out the back like a traditional dump truck.  That can be very handy on a cramped work site.

Miguel adds footing material to the soil forms which will determine the layout of the house.  The formula for the material is: 7 wheelbarrows of raw fill material plus 1/2 bad of Portland cement.

The fill material is thoroughly mixed by shovel, and the bucket brigade begins.

Little Justin wants to help, too.  He will be a neighbor of our Habitat family.

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  1. WOW! I love all the photos! Makes me feel like I am there with you all! Keep up the good work.