Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Tuesday, July 31 - Construction Continues

Today, we finished moving the large pile of fill being used for the footings of the house.  We also leveled some dirt removed to make room for the footing.  In addition, we tied rebar together to get ready for the task on Wednesday of mixing concrete and pouring it over the rebar.

The pile of fill we have to move to the work site is in the distance.
It was too wet for the delivery truck to get closer.

Miguel makes small footings that go at the corners of the house (see below).

Miguel puts out his strings to make sure everything is straight along one side of the house.

Dan Corkery and Francis Padilla from Habitat.

Pastor Tom and Dan know they are getting close to the end of hauling fill about 300 feet from one end of the work site to the other.

Tolu makes the ceremonial last dump of fill, as we finished moving it from one location to another.  The fill was not delivered to a point near the work site due to wet conditions.  When Tolu made the last wheelbarrow delivery, there was great rejoicing.

Gordon Hack (The Flash), Douglas from Habitat, and Nicky Kyle take a break under the awning.

Pastor Tom Hillertz, Tolu Perrin-Stowe, Marilyn Dudley, and Laurie Johnson, as Francis looks on.

Douglas helps Justin listen to Lisa Hack as she reads a 
National Geographic publication on sharks - in Spanish.

Pastor Tom takes a lesson in the Douglas School of Worksite Survival.
All well and good except it gets your backside rather dirty.  But, it's worth it.

Lisa and Jennifer Melissa take a selfie.

The arduous task of tying in the rebar begins.  Not fun, but it needs to be done.

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