Saturday, February 10, 2018

Confirmation of Our Friend Briseida on February 3, 2018

Briseida Cruz Miron, who visited Good Shepherd (with Luis) a couple of years back, has some news!  She has chosen to be an official member of the Lutheran Church in El Salvador.  Though she originally had plans to graduate from divinity school last fall, that’s now planned for this coming fall.  After that, we’ll see if she feels called to be ordained.  With Pastors Carlos and Vilma as mentors, she is in good hands indeed, and may God guide them well.

Briseida is employed by Habitat for Humanity in the capitol city of San Salvador, El Salvador.  She works as the Faith Partnership Coordinator.  She visits us every year at our work site and usually stays to share a meal with us. 

Meanwhile, our next visit to El Salvador is planned for Saturday, July 28, to Sunday, August 5, 2018.  To save on air fare, it would be best if 9 people could commit by the end of April.  So far, Jim Hack, Bob Clark, and I intend to go again, and Nicki Kyle plus two friends have expressed a strong interest.  That’s six and counting, two-thirds the way to the magic number of 9!

Don Block’s January brunch was a big success and raised some well-needed funds.  In addition, Tatiana Shustova hosts another recital at Good Shepherd on Sunday, March 25.  

We’re also planning on holding the Dinner, Silent Auction, Bake Sale event later in the Spring.

On Saturday, February 3, 2018, Bris approaches the altar for the Rite of Confirmation at Cristo Rey (Christ the King) Lutheran Church, Santa Ana, El Salvador.  She is accompanied by an unidentified woman, probably a sponsor, plus Arzobispo Manardo Gomez (Archbishop of El Salvador).  Our long time friend from the Getsemani Women's Co-Op, Beti, is seen in the background on the right.

Bris is greeted at the altar by Pastors Carlos and Vilma.

 Communion is offered by the Arzobispo (Archbishop).  Beti looks on.

 Bris receives her Confirmation candle from Arzobispo Gomez. 

Bris is presented to the congregants of Cristo Rey Lutheran Church.
Pastor Vilma on right.

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